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UX Strategy

Gain competitive edge and clarity through our specialized UX design strategy services that drive exceptional and authentic user experiences.
UX Audit
UX Research
UX Strategy
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UXUI Design

Elevate your brand with captivating visual designs and intuitive UX/UI that create engaging and memorable digital experiences for your users.
UX/UI Design
kretivo - webflow and shopify development


We bring our unique UX/UI design capabilities to life by developing scalable platforms and apps, online stores with Shopify, and engaging Webflow landing pages.
B2B Platforms
Shopify & Webflow
Webflow & Shopify integrations
Expand Functionality
Enhance User Experience
Streamline Workflows
We provide complete Webflow and Shopify integration & automation services to enhance functionality, user experience, and workflows. We can connect your Webflow website or Shopify store with popular platforms and tools your business depends on.

No matter what functionality you need —eCommerce, membership, or more— we can do it. We integrate with various tools: Make, Memberstack, Intercom, Zapier, Slack, Hubspot, MailChimp, and much more. No matter how complex it is, we've got you covered!
Kretivo - Make PartnersKretivo - Webflow HubSpot IntegrationKretivo - Webflow & Shopify Airtable IntegrationKretivo - Webflow & Shopify Gumroad IntegrationKretivo - Webflow & Shopify Memberstack IntegrationKretivo - Webflow & Shopify Zapier IntegrationKretivo - Webflow & Shopify Wized IntegrationKretivo - Webflow & Shopify MailerLite Integration
Kretivo - Matrixify Partners
We bring you the power of both worlds!
We combine Shopify e-commerce strength with Webflow design freedom to create stunning digital experiences and drive growth.

Elevate your business with our unique blend of Shopify and Webflow integrations.
The internet’s highest honor.
Web services & applications - Honoree
Remixar cloud video maker
Media streaming - Honoree
AJ cloud media - Extra
Web services & applications - Honoree
AJ cloud media - Extra
Mobile sites & apps - Honoree
Alef gamified learning
Brands we shared the journey with
We’d love to be part of yours.
Why us?
We are a team of highly experienced, creative, and distinctive designers and developers.

We have the same mindset, we share the same beliefs, values, and interests, and we are driven by the purpose of creating immersive, meaningful, and memorable digital experiences for our clients.

Our agile process enables us to navigate complexity with confidence and speed, and we take great pleasure in partnering with you throughout the entire journey.
Our values:
Client's experiences
Kretivo has proven to be an exceptional partner. Their UXUI work on our interactive video maker, Remixar was outstanding. Their attention to detail, creativity, and user-centered approach have truly elevated the user experience of our platforms. Kretivo’s team exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to collaborating with them in the future.
Working with Kretivo was a joy. They have a great sense of design and exquisite taste. I really felt that Kretivo was a partner in the project and invested in its success, i recommend Kretivo unconditionally!
Bulbul Books
Kretivo team were easy to work with and had a very good understanding of how to take full advantage of Shopify's tools and capacities in order to create the best e-commerce site possible according to our needs and requirements.
The King Saud Foundation Store
​ We had a great experience working with Kretivo, we loved the way they approach solving our problems, their knowledge and experience in eCommerce helped us clearly define our business direction, saved us a lot of money and showed us the shortest possible way towards our goal. They're very supportive and responsive, i cannot recommend them enough!
We were in need of a new system for our 6 years old e-commerce site. Kretivo helped us to build a beautiful, integrated and user friendly platform according to our needs. Thank you Kretivo.
Very talent and professional. I was able to reach Kretivo for any question.
Membership plans
Unlimited strategy, branding, graphics, UX/UI design, and development
No contract. Pause, upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.
Designed for clear project requirements, ideal for ongoing basic UX/UI design services, graphics, brand identity, strategy, Webflow or Shopify maintenance, updates, optimizations.
What’s included
• One task at a time ⚡️
• 1 sync meeting

• Kretivo core team experts
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited revisions
Unlimited projects
Unlimited team members
Project management dashboard
Tasks planning support and pro tips
Pause or cancel anytime
per month
+ VAT where applicable
Get started
Designed for complex end-to-end projects, ideal for new advanced UX/UI design services, graphics, brand identity, strategy and Webflow or Shopify website creation, maintenance.
What’s included
• Two active tasks (more volume)⚡️⚡️
• 2 sync meetings
• Kretivo core team experts

Unlimited tasks
Unlimited revisions
Unlimited projects
Unlimited team members
Project management dashboard
Tasks planning support and pro tips
Pause or cancel anytime
per month
+ VAT where applicable
Get started
Need help choosing the right plan for your project?
Enterprise / fixed-scope project?
Book a call
How it works?
Book a call
We’ll learn more about your project requirements and goals, demo our process, and recommend the best subscription plan based on the scope of work.
Submit tasks
Submit all your tasks, we help you optimize and prioritize them for maximum efficiency. We’ll provide you with an estimate time for each task and get to work immediately.
Review or approve
When a task is completed, we’ll share it for your for review or approval. You can submit as many revisions as you need until your 100% satisfied.
Frequently asked
Why not just hire a full-time designer or a freelancer?
Great question! For a project that only involves design, hiring a full-time senior designer costs over €100,000 annually, not including benefits, and the hiring process is also time-consuming.

If your project involves design, development, and strategy, expect the hiring cost to double or triple. Building a cohesive team that creatively and efficiently works together is challenging. Additionally, you may not always have consistent work to keep your team occupied, leading to paying for idle time.

With us, you’re getting Kretivo’s highly experienced and talented team, covering a wide spectrum of strategy, branding, graphics, design, and Shopify / Webflow development services, at the cost of one employee, all for a fixed monthly subscription rate that you can pause, resume, upgrade, downgrade and cancel anytime.
Are requests truly unlimited?
Yes, add as many requests as you like to your tasks queue, and we'll deliver them sequentially, allowing you to keep adding more. We’ll also help you prioritize your tasks for best results.
What type of tasks can i request?
We provide end-to-end services that include strategy, branding, graphics, UXUI design, and Shopify / Webflow development. To learn more about all our services, visit our Services page.
How does the billing work?
Once we’ve identified the right plan together, we'll send you a Stripe payment link to activate your subscription. Payments are automatically collected at the beginning of each billing cycle, on a rolling monthly basis. If you wish to pause, cancel, upgrade or downgrade, just inform us before your current subscription month ends.
Do my accumulated hours carry over to the next month?
Absolutely! If you don't use all your hours for the month, no worries, we'll carry them over to the next month indefinitely. No resets, or extra costs, just seamless convenience!

However, please note that the bonus hours included in every package won't carry over to the next month. They are reset at the end of each month.
What are the requests delivery time?
Our team is available and ready to assist you from Monday to Friday. We've got a handy estimate turnaround time chart for strategy, branding, graphics, UIXUI design, and Shopify / Webflow development tasks. Once your subscription starts, you can easily submit your tasks on your dedicated Notion dashboard, we’ll clarify each task if needed, we'll make sure to do so. We'll then share estimated turnaround times for each task individually.

Just a heads up, because of the technical nature of the deliverables, we might need 1-4 days to evaluate turnaround time estimates, especially for larger and more complex projects. But don't worry, we'll keep you informed every step of the way!
How many months will i need for my project?
Duration varies per case. Some need 1 month, others require a few more. A few, larger digital-first startups or enterprises, keep us indefinitely. For scoping your project, simply book a call, or email us at
What if i hit my monthly package hours limit?
We track your monthly hours usage, if you're nearing your limit, we’ll let you know. We can either top up Extra Hours to your current subscription that we carry over to your next month of subscription, or you can upgrade your plan and get more benefits with extra bonus hours. Remember, you can upgrade, downgrade or pause as you see fit to your project’s needs.
How do I get started?
Book a call with us - This is a 15-30 minutes call to learn about your project’s core requirements and goals. Also to share with you our process. We’ll then evaluate the initial scope of work and then recommend the best subscription plan to start with.

Subscribe - Once you’ve subscribed, we’ll onboard you and any member of your team to a dedicated Notion project management dashboard, where you and your team manage project requests.

Submit your tasks - Once you submit your project’s tasks, we’ll help you optimize and prioritize your tasks for maximum efficiency. We’ll then provide you with estimate time for each task, and start the work immediately.

Review and approve - Completed design or development tasks will be shared with you on Figma or on a development environment for your comments and approval. You can submit as many revisions as you need until your 100% satisfied.
How do i pause, cancel or upgrade my subscription?
We get it; you might not need full-month design work right now. If you have just one or two design requests, pausing your subscription is an option.

Billing cycles are based on a 31-day period. If you use the service for 21 days and then pause, the billing cycle stops. You'll have 10 days of service remaining for future use.

If you want to cancel you subscription, just inform us before your current subscription month ends.
I already have designs, can you take from there?
We accept designs created on Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch. However, we check if we can work with designs provided and based on that, we’ll let you know if we have any feedback.
What’s your refund policy?
Given the premium quality of our service and the value we put into each task, we don't offer refunds. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we'll continue to revise the design until you're 100% satisfied.
What if I'm still unhappy with the work at the end?
If you're not satisfied, we'll keep revising until you're 100% happy.
What’s the difference between Subscriptions and Full-scope service?
With the Subscription model, you’ll get unlimited branding, Shopify & Webflow design and development tasks. No contract. Pause or cancel anytime.

If you’re a business with ongoing design and development requirements, you may find a subscription model more suitable.

A full-scope or end-to-end service is more tailored for enterprise-level clients looking for a strategic partnership that requires a deeper understanding of a complex project, and longer contractual commitment that guarantees specific outcomes. The full-scope is based on fixed rate.